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Key to success

A smart content strategy is key to success. Content is certainly not a separate area. It is the main driver for visitors and customers. Do not consider it a fifth wheel, or a separate feature. Content is the essence of the web. It reveals the know-how of an individual, a business or organisation, lead the products, services, artwork, events, publications or anything else we desire.

Content is an ever-changing partner in a world of meaning, seduction and complexity. We do not ask 'Which Content'? But 'Which development will better serve the content'.

The way we work

Our path is user-centric analysis and content-centric design. Drawing a content strategy implies to understand how to represent content to the users, carry meanings and communicate with them, what are their expectations. Content delivery method, management, data structures shall derive from there. Keeping things as easy as possible is a main driver. Pricing

Depending on the project

Our work might differ given the project. When working for a website project, our design cycle aims at creating the best environment for the site's content. Content design and information architecture take the precedence and provide the base for technical requirements.

In other circumstances, such as information systems, intranet services or multi-site projects, we might first define and mock-up the use cases. For complex projects implying to produce and deliver information, we assess the requirements and model the supply chain.

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Strategy how to

Which assets? What do you want to achieve? Who are your visitors? What are their expectations? The replies to these questions will decide the substance and methods we will use to communicate. They will bring the basis of our content strategy.

All websites, from brochure to e-commerce websites, to online publishing or intranet services, need a smart content strategy. From there, will derive all design and development decisions, including the first stone, information and data architecture.

Contracting out?

Web content involves a wide variety of features, formats, shapes, modes, scale of details... for carrying meanings. Despite such versatility, "buying content" is frequently meaningless, for content relates to assets. Producing or managing content in-house makes sense. Contracting out content production and management, in whole or in part, also makes sense.

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