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Easiness and simplicity

Make it easy! A frequently neglected area in today Internet world. Many websites are not easy to use. Never-ending checkout, difficult choice and poor navigation are common situations. Make it easy to decide for the visitor and customer. Keep it fast and user-friendly! Simple targets that each websites should set.

We know that sometimes we have a hard time making things simpler. Yes, this goal can take longer to achieve and tune up. But it may as well make the difference between a visitor and a customer.

The way we work

We invent the navigation during content design. It brings many benefits: discovering inconsistencies or shortcomings in the foreseen content; a synthetic view of the whole work to achieve, for instance. We set up a custom search tool with the simplest design to get as fast as possible. Ending our development cycle, we deploy tests dedicated to content, navigation. and usability. Critical for selling online. Check Pricing

Easy navigation

As an example, a different colour for visited links gives landmarks to the visitor. Keeping track of visited links and visual enrichments are compatible. Often inconstant, inconsistent, or redundant, the navigation makes it obvious or difficult to visit a website. No good or bad menu method; the issue is eventually a poorly thought navigation in the content.

Labyrinth with a question mark

Keep it simple

Making an on-line order or registering with a website can become a real obstacle course for the user. There are often too many steps, redundant steps, hard to read fields, invisible compulsory check-boxes; already checked or hardly visible check-boxes. Keeping things simple makes an essential target for websites that sell. The main goal is to make the visitor's choice, the navigation or checkout simple!

Fast page load

A page loading fast makes a critical target. Too much images, heavy images, too many scripts or poorly coded pages make as many obstacles to quick loading pages. The faster the page loads, the more chances to keep the visitor browsing.

Good search tool

A good search tool is necessary for websites' visitors to find a product, a column or any other item. From a visitor perspective, a valuable search results inside a website leads to the right content. Unfortunately, we frequently experience websites' searches that bring poor results if any. Giving the visitor a good search tool paves the way to returning visits.

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