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Content usefulness

Content does not necessarily mean textual content. Rich and versatile web content embraces multiple expressions. From text to image, animations, video, or sound, content is of various essences. Undoubtedly, a developer column about PHP and the description of a velvet purse have nothing in common, but their quality and usefulness for a given visitor.

Content's personality, and usefulness mind especially for web users; but search engines recognise uniqueness and quality. The right approach is to develop content for visitors, NOT for search engines.

Search engines perspective

When search engines come into the play, the discussion becomes technical. Obviously, search engines try avoiding the same content listed over and again in their results. Avoiding 'duplicate content' is not to confuse with creating original content. Duplicate content depreciates the value of the page in the search engine results. Original content increases the value for the visitor.

Information structure

In its help pages for webmasters, Google discusses the example often considered of similar descriptions for green t-shirt and red t-shirt. In fact, this discussion points out a wrong approach of the structure of information. A product having one description and multiple colours, sizes, etc., does not call for duplicating the content. If we allow searching a colour", no valuable reason oblige to duplicate the description.

And what about style?

Style is an interesting facet of content in general, not only textual content. At our opinion style and consistency are the most difficult goals of content creation. Content is like food, its originality and singularity make it noticeable. And this is an essential component of style.

Think Unique

Our approach

To create original content, we consider our client's business, originality, know-how and information assets. We decide which asset will allow to address the needs of the targeted visitors. We design an information architecture to deliver the functions needed. Only then, we assess the content delivery method. This approach benefits the website's development and allows beforehand optimisation. Our approach also makes the website easily marketable and SEM-ready SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM-ready means that the website content, speed and performance, its compliance with HTML standards are good enough to allow search engines to properly relay the website's content in their indexes, as soon as the website comes live. .

Singularity and visual

Website's identity lies in content in its broadest sense. Apart from quality and authenticity of information, visual's originality plays an important role. For example, when a new graphic technique spreads, its repetitive presence on multiple websites gives a feeling of déjà vu. This feeling contributes to destroy the possible originality of content. To preserve the singularity of a website, we suggest to avoid visual techniques that are too trendy. These lovely little pieces of code offered on the Internet might not be your friend.

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