Content Management System vs Custom Development

To compare the respective benefits and cost between a CMS CMS stands for Content Management System, a software application that provides the functions for content management and website administration. or a custom development, we must take into account the features, functions, and content structure needed.

Content Management System

CMS aims to help websites' owners with little knowledge of the web manage their content. Usually, developers set up the CMS for their client and carry out adjustments, as needed. A CMS is a software, installed on a Web server, providing tools to help author, website owners and designers manage web content. Some of them offer e-Commerce add-ons and customer communication features. Typically, a web interface (also called back-end) offers the the functions to manage the content and do administration tasks.

Benefits of CMS

Using a CMS to create and maintain websites offers multiple advantages: it spares web development time. A dedicated team maintain and improve the CMS software. Indeed, the non-web savvy website's owner finds it easier to create and manage content through a CMS. A wide array of software are available to choose from.

Custom or part custom

The alternative to CMS entails to develop a custom system to fit the specific content requirements of the client. Creative and artistic areas, event based business, uncommon speciality, or consulting might benefit from a custom development. Large information projects, information products, portals of services, or multi-sites projects usually imply a custom or semi-custom development.

Benefits of custom development

Instead of modelling the content to fit the CMS design, a custom development fits the planned content and addresses the precise client's needs. For small to medium projects, pre-developed modules can shorten the custom development time and lower the budget.

Adopting the right solution is critical to the success of a project; a content management system (CMS) is one way, a custom development another one. Versatility, performance, promotion-readiness, user-friendliness are among our criteria.

Out-of-the-box or Custom

Our Choice of CMS

Among many ready-to-use CMS, our preference goes to the strong TYPO3, to PLONE DJANGO CMS — Both from Python universe of simplicity —, promotion ready MODX and CONCRETE5. The flexibility of custom development, or half-way, is often our choice.

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