Development Focus

Developing for the web

In small and medium sized teams, developing for the Web has various facets, and implies multiple developer 's skills. The development covers a multiplicity of technologies, specifications and languages, to cite a few. In larger teams, developers might specialise in distinct areas. Talented web freelances, usually called designers, assume the whole cycle of tasks.

Web and application development methods may vary significantly; our design and development cycle takes its roots in the constraints mapped by early needs assessment, content strategy, and foreseen information architecture.

Simplicity and versatility

Lean code By lean code we mean less code, a better understanding of the targets, more focused code, less side effects. and clarity in the program architecture are critical targets. We value the communication with our client! Communication helps respond to new ideas and change as they happen.

Privacy and confidentiality are permanent goals Thus, security is fully part of our development effort.

For us, simplicity and easiness are critical. Simplicity means that less is to prefer. Easiness targets easy code manipulation, documentation, debugging, and correction as needed.

We use to test every piece of code, even before we finalise it.

Development focus

Content-driven, user-centric

A content-driven approach means that the development's specifications derive from identified assets, content strategy and information architecture. User-centric development means that the development effort focuses primarily on the use of the website or application being elaborated and the functions needed by the user.

The way we work

Work starts with constraints analysis and design discussion to agree on targets. Coding tasks include: drawing the skeleton, code, HTML markup and CSSCSS stands for Cascading StyleSheet. The style is managed by the StyleSheet and the content by the HTML markup., tests, checking design and content consistency. Then, approving and testing the finished work. Save for analysing, discussing the targets and creating the skeleton, the other tasks iterate, overlap, and rely on one another, making a continuous communication flow. Pricing

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