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Validate for usability

Website's usability widely relies on the validation and testing steps. The validation takes advantage of a strict, lean, simple approach of development. It involves multiple steps, which can partly run automatically using robots. They enable a more systematic check-up. The purpose is to ensure the code conforms to the specifications issued by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Scripts must be checked as well.

Freelance designers know how critical writing valid code is; but developers, in particular in larger teams, may stay in their programmer's role, ignoring web rules. It may result in hard to index web pages, and poor Internet visibility.

Why validate?

The World Wide Web Consortium is the standardisation body in charge of our exchanges through the Internet. Specifications defined by this organisation are compulsory.

Why is compliance important?

Should the page's code fail to conform the specifications, browsers can hardly display the page in the same way; worse, possibly the page won't display in most browsers. Browsers' developers apply the specifications defined. The lack of conformity means that browsers might face undefined circumstances. Possibly, different browsers will display the page differently, or not at all.

HTML and CSS code validation - falling DIV


W3 validators

HTML markup validator (2nd windows).

CSS validator (2nd windows).

The W3C validators detail the errors found. If the error is not immediately obvious, reading the specific part of the specification might help understand what’s wrong.

At stake

HTML and CSS CSS stands for cascading stylesheet, the part of coding that manage the styles. markup make a house of cards. Is one card removed and the house collapses! Thus, HTML and CSS code correctness and compliance with rules critically accounts to:

  • display gracefully in browsers and other device;
  • increase usability, accessibility and performance;
  • ensure the most important content displays in all browsers and resolutions;
  • appear in search engines' indexes
  • achieve a satisfying visitor response;
  • achieve good marketing results.

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