Web Development

Technical ingredients

We develop websites and other web applications. In other words, we do the technical parts. What's good with it? Getting our hands dirty, we continuously learn! For complex systems, the technical ingredients might be huge. However, they never replace content, they rather support content.

The term 'Web development' describes the work involved in setting up websites, a broad term used for Internet and intranet (private networtks), which generally refers to non-design work: coding, HTML markup, securing, validating, and testing.

The work involved

To ease the development, we use modules. We call them "Our bricks". Pre-built bricks help us shorten the development. They form virtual nodes that allow an easier representation of the complexity, something like spatial stenography By stenography we mean a way to write more quickly using signs, words or images that represent already assembled complex or simple components.. We focus on the lightest possible development

Coding modular and layered as multiple brick walls

A variety of achievements

Web development covers a wide variety of achievements:

  • single page brochure website
  • small to large website
  • Retail store
  • On-line publishing
  • Public and private portals
  • Information system
  • Database interface
  • Editorial chain
  • Multi-site application...

How we work

The variety of web projects leads to multiple approaches. To fit with the specific needs of each project, we code a modular and layered structure. The content requirements make the inputs. In output we find the final web development. Pricing

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