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An universe of singularities

Through the multiple expressions of a web site, web design follows an endless variety of use cases: online publishing, artistic event, retail store, consulting, individual website,simple web page design, service-rich intranet portal, or public information call for versatile web design.

Our vision of website design is a full service involving multiple skills; our service is all inclusive, from project to start. Working with us is easy: on-line, through email, video communication or meeting locally.

Our Service

From A to Z — Our service includes needs analysis, content design, graphic design, coding, hosting as needed, and marketing. We create fully optimised websites, as well as e-Business, e-Commerce, intranet, or information portals, following our design cycle. Pricing

Our design cycle

For us, the term 'web design' refers to the design cycle, which focuses on the front-end (the part of a website the visitors see). Graphical design deals with 'look', 'architecture', 'user interface design' on one hand and semantics on the other hand. The design tightly intricates with content and with development and testing, which cover the more technical side.

Web Design process

How we work

Starting with needs assessment and content strategy allows choosing a proper solution, suiting the area of activity and use.


Our support is exceptional. Data privacy and confidentiality are essential concerns.


Thoroughly testing our development and insuring the best security is a critical part of our work.


Apart from the front-end, the visible part of a website, a back-end, the invisible part, may help manage the website and content. Depending on the business, the back-end can be part of a standard content management application (CMS) or a custom designed administration area.

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