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Distinct ebusiness strategy

The essence of a website has countless expressions: art, physical or digital products, services, consultancy, expertise, events, training, publishing... An endless diversity of use cases and business models. BtoB or BtoC make a difference. Each case calls for a dedicated ebusiness strategy.

We acknowledge a difference between e-Business and e-Commerce, reserving E-Commerce for on-line shops and stores, and using E-Business for 'informal' selling methods and the whole on-line presence.

Selling Online Use Cases

  • Personal expertise — carpenter, accountant
  • Company's know-how — roofing, management consulting
  • Products in retail shop — beauty products for nail care, books
  • Multiple products in large retail store — tools and products for construction, food
  • Training sessions — security courses, Hair beauty courses
  • Digital products — software, e-books
  • Art creation — paintings, songs
  • Events — theatre, illusionist
  • Services — window cleaning, Internet services
  • ...
Selling online From Sao-Paulo to London

Online Business Solution

Our main priority is to 'Free up' the specificity and originality of the online business. Keeping content and navigation consistent is our second priority. The collaboration between the designer with the client is essential to designing an appropriate business solution for selling online. Our web design cycle allows to produce a ready to market website (portal, store, or other). Choosing the proper selling methods is our last priority. Pricing

Resources for Selling Online

In our 'Resources' area, we compare various e-commerce solutions corresponding to true e-commerce use cases.

In an article titled ready-made e-commerce we present some out-of-the-box e-commerce software.

In selling solutions for intangibles, we compare possible solutions for selling digital products and services online.

Yet, these resources do not address the full subject of selling online. The more complex ebusiness model that we approach in our article still lacks a technical overview. We will soon launch more resources for such use cases.

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