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Creative Marketing Solution

Reach the success for an online business relies on creative responses. To build up a creative marketing solution, we need to understand the gap between our client's goals, the market targets and the role assigned to the website.

Looking at the business, products, services, event, website purpose and content, we consider the turnover, margin components, competitive environment. Your say about the Business, its assets and Customers is a raw material we can transform.

Our Service

Creative Marketing for e-Business is a versatile service. We look at your business, your talent, your assets. We build on them to invent creative actions capable of boosting your turnover and your fame, following your objectives. This is a fully custom service. It might be a second step after an e-Marketing Campaign. Pricing

Our Methods

Creative marketing methods for e-Business vary with the identified gaps. There is nothing similar to "The Method for a creative Marketing campaign". Such campaign must fit the business style and needs.

Our main method is to adapt to an ever changing world: understanding the gap between the organisation and its market, staying awake to capture any new opportunities for our client. Creative e-Marketing methods are a way to address specific needs and interests. This approach brings fresh means for small sized budgets and for large organisations as well.

Various technical steps might precede the campaign. We may need to create targeted databases, gather more information, launch a survey, create web animations, and more.

About us

Our experience has roots in cultural areas. We worked for the publishing area at large. We know the worlds of fashion and fabrics, shoes and accessories. Cultural industries, art and antiques, performing arts are familiar universes. On another side, our experience roots in technical areas: engineering and consulting; telecommunication; software; Internet information; services; education.

We keep our pricing accessible. Any campaign may begin with a low budget. We can plan an increase of the budget based on the results.

As needed, we use the marketing material previously built up. We may create new designs or develop original content or an application. Submissions, meetings, interviews may take place at this stage. We may take direct action through email or phone or email to a given public.

Three pentagones and the word creative for creative marketing

Creative Response

How To

  1. We build on website's visitors and customers.
  2. Design unconventional and cost-effective means or events.
  3. Create your competitive advantage.
  4. Build trust.
  5. Manage the campaign at local, regional or worldwide level.

Business to business and business to customer do not infer the same relation. Building trust may rely on different tactics and specific means.


We fire into action each identified target and use the methods defined. Below, a short video illustration.

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discover why (second window).

Discover these Virtual Exhibitions (2nd window). They give a palpable example of action. Carefully crafted and original content took advantage of the client's assets. A creative marketing action that span over several years and triggered repeated outcomes (2006-2011).

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