Accurate BtoB Toolbox

What is in the package?

Brain juice for you to act efficiently!

  1. A custom plan for your BtoB campaign:
  2. We shape your profile and service,
  3. define and calculate your KPIs.
  4. Precise targets for you and methods to approach your targets:
  5. We profile your clients, find the prospects profiled,
  6. identify the organisations in the target,
  7. bring the details you need.

We will need two weeks to finalise your custom toolbox. We will input 15 to 20 hours consulting and services at a friendly price and you will get permanent support. For such type of campaigns, the quantity is not dominant but the quality is. Your toolbox will include the number of organisations we will consider together as the proper goal for your campaign.

Results follow-up

At the periodicity we will discuss and agree, we will consider the results you achieve. We designed a template report for you to build upon. If you don't have other preference, you can use our templates to report.