Interacting with the visitor

Building relationship with visitors is one of the many ways to increase the audience. Interacting with visitors brings new opportunities to build durable links. It relies on calling for action.

A versatile approach

Interacting may involve anonymous visitor, identified user, client or prospect. All startswith clicking a link, moving the mouse or even using the enter key or voice instead. The visitor's experience will be or at least will appear different, following the context, serious or fun. Creating interactions' opportunities demands a versatile and sensible approach. It shall fit closely with the content and shall NOT create an undesired intrusion in the course of the visit.

Our service

Our service rely on the analysis of the business, existing content and current results. We offer targeted content design service and training:
Content design for building relationship with your website's visitors. Creating such content. Implementing or monitoring the implementation. We also offer short one-to-one video training sessions. Pricing

All begins with hyperlinks

Using a menu, moving to another page, displaying anything specific, using a demo, asking for information, sending a message, downloading a file, viewing a presentation, playing with an interactive animation are as many means.

In other words, calling for action from people using the content a website offers, be it product to buy, an article, a presentation, a service or application is a way to involve the visitor.

Interacting with visitors not only creates an opportunity to forge links with visitors and build fame, it also offers a way to capture the reader's attention!

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How To

To interact with a target audience, we consider several means in the short presentation above. You will discover them. Click the tabs to display the discussion about each group:

1. REACTION – Various means exist for inviting comments: a contact form, a message inviting to a call back or email, a suggestion form, a survey application.

2. INFORMATION – Offering a report, white paper, glossary or instructions for download or read to get deeper into a matter is a useful mean of interacting. Extra material might be of help some cases, as long as the website delivers proper and accurate information.

3. ANIMATION-- Apart from their main goal, enriching content, animations represent an excellent mean of interacting with the visitors. Building an animation demands imagination and good development skills. But, pleasant or fun, animations rarely lead to build relationship.

4. SERVICES -- Service and application made available to the user make an excellent source of user’s action. Such means also needs imagination and sometimes development skills. They offer infinite ways of captivating an audience.

5. FORUMS (or fora)– Setting up a forum, bulletin board or chat room, building a FAQ with users' questions, or newsletters may also provide for interaction. All depends on the website style and business type, and on the owner's ability to moderate discussion efficiently or improve the use of available tools.

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