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e-marketing for visibility

Talking about the visibility of a website might seem funny. It isn't. A website may have no web presence at all. Offering the perfect service, achieving the perfect website are not enough. Potential visitors must know about it. First rule: Let people know. By any means! That's the purpose of Internet marketing

Visibility arises from multiple channels. Choose the proper channels, evaluate communication strategies, design the visibility plan, assign a budget are critical tasks.

Our Service

Our objective: assist websites' owners in reaching their goal, relying on multiple channels to increase their online presence and Internet visibility. We discuss the channels, draft a visibility plan, recommend or execute the Internet marketing campaign, and measure the success. Training sessions are also available. Our main characteristic: the outcomes of our services are persistent. Pricing

Search Engine Marketing?

Which channels shall we include in our Internet Marketing Campaigns?

Potential Channels

  • Organic search engine marketing (also called search marketing)
  • Specialised portals and directories
  • Selected websites
  • Advertising on other websites (also called 'display advertising')
  • Social media and networking
  • Online press releases
  • Internet news
  • Digital events
  • Content creation.

Possible Targets

  • Improving Internet visibility of the website and business
  • Increasing the number of true visitors or customers
  • Improving the presence and relaying of the website
  • Increasing the sales (if selling)

Organic SEM

Organic search engine marketing gets long-lasting results. To achieve these results, we advise on how to optimise the website content; on how to apply the rules allowing search engines robots to index the website. Content optimization won't stop one day. Improving content is a permanent task. Usability tests are of primary interest: Some visitors might find unintelligible your explanations, others might consider irrelevant the arguments used for a product…

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We focus on the following actions to launch an e-marketing campaign:

Case analysis

Clarifying the business goals, website's purpose, objectives, content and achievements will help set up appropriate means and methods for our campaign.

Explore the environment

An organisation, individual, event or business exists in a given environment, part of the visibility discussion. Will this environment increase the visibility or lower it? How does the competition looks like? Can we identify synergies?

What about the website's content?

Is the content enough optimised to market it efficiently? If not, optimising the website first will increase the efficiency of the e-marketing campaign.


Comparing the potential channels and methods, to identify the cost-effective ones.


Discussing the strategy and visibility plan, setting channels' priorities and schedule, targets and actions. Last planning task: splitting the work between our client and us before the Go on!

Paid targeted traffic

Paid targeted traffic might offer immediate visibility, against paid insertion and "pay-per-click" or keyword bids. Multiple advertising networks compete. The choice shall account for the budget. Paid traffic demand a precise adjustment: worldwide, regional or local targets, the population targeted, languages, are important choices. Otherwise, you might find it expensive and inefficient

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