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A main target

Optimisation, as say Britons and French, or optimization as say US people and the rest of the world is a precise and complex matter. Critical for performance and visibility, image optimization is a main target.

Many people use images for their graphic quality without regard to the constraints of the web. Image content does not naturally reflect in the resume of a web page, unless we do the necessary.

Image optimisation service

  1. Lessen the weight of every image at its lowest expression for speed and performance while retaining quality.
  2. Avoid putting text in images, find other ways to introduce text or copy the wording in plain text.
  3. Reduce HTTP calls to their minimum.
  4. Keep the number of images low.
  5. Look after tags correctness and teach how to optimise images. Pricing

We achieve image optimisation within the frame of an audit or alone, for any number of images. Our service is intended for complex tasks.

How to optimise images

To get rid of issues with graphics in a website, we need to know about HTML and CSS coding, understand image editing, use the proper software and conduct testing. Various work-around, such as sprites, can help as well.

First, in the HTML code, the IMG tag must include the necessary data to help search engines reference the page in their index. Assistive technology use these data as well: a descriptive name, an ALT attribute to describe further the content of the picture. As needed, a TITLE attribute, or even an LABEL can help complete the description.

Not your best friend...

Today, many software, including word processors and presentation software, have the capacity to create images and place layers of text inside the image or over it. Using such compositions for the web without being aware of the constraints related to web development hurt your results in many ways:

Common errors

If you insert your slogan or develop your best pitch inside an image, as search engines cannot index words in images, your content will never appear in their results. No potential visitors will ever find it!

The words will make your image heavy and the page will take an excessive time to load, discouraging your visitors to come back to your website.

It will also make your image larger, and if it does not scale with the visitor's device, you will discourage those who don't use a large desktop display.

image optimisation view

Speed, Performance, Quality, Weight

The mix for improving images.

image optimisation

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