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Assessing for improving

A website audit allows to assess the strengths and weaknesses and recommend actions. The website assessment and the recommendations drawn from the audit help assign priority targets, and decide how to progress prospective. A method that also allows to set up the future progress KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

Auditing a website is an important decision. The data, insight and guidance gained from the audit surpass the cost, allowing to seriously improve or successfully redesigning a website.

Our Service

1. We research and assess one or all of the following areas. — Online Presence and Fame: web, media, social media presence, links pointing to the website. — Website Value, Usability and Performance Analysis: user and technical sides. — Website's position in the competitive environment.
2. We recommend actions, offer guidance and methods to measure the progress through KPIs. We bring support to further measure the progress Pricing


Please schedule a minimum of three weeks by stage, subject to increase following the size of the business and website.

We report in details, providing a snapshot of the website visibility, best channels, and multi-channel presence results. We deliver the necessary recommendations, guidance to set up your KPIs and support to further measure the progress and improve the outcomes.

Audit Bundle

The Audit Bundle includes, in this order, Usability and Performance Audit, Visibility Audit and Competitive Audit. In this case, we group the tasks, reuse the information gathered during a step to conduct the next one. Thus, the Audit Pack saves nearly 40% compared to adding each step taken alone.

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Online Presence Audit

Online Presence Audit aims at assessing the website visibility and fame. These factors are critical to improve the Internet presence score, gain visibility and increase website traffic to bring more visitors and customers. A quick video to explain how we work.

Search engines are a leading media for online presence but not the only one. Internet news, printed media, specialised portals and directories, other websites and networks, and social media may bring visitors and customers.

Website Value Analysis

Whatever the purpose of the website, Website Value Analysis aims at assessing the appeal, content and value to the visitor. The ergonomics and usability are assessed in details. We consider as well the possibility to build on the website to communicate with the visitors. At last, we target the technical issues, focusing on performance. The main benefits are the recommendations and guidance derived from the audit to improve visitor retention and conversion rates optimisation.

Competitive Audit

A competitive audit aims at using competitive intelligence to evaluate the website strengths and weaknesses in its competitive environment. We first assess the goals and objectives assigned to the website. We draw a chart comparing the online presence of the organisation, event or individual with the main competitors' websites. We also research the potential for collaboration or partnership.

Conducted after a Quality Audit, a competitive audit provides a more balanced image that takes account of the competitive environment.

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