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By e-business or ebusiness, we mean an online business. The following information focuses on new online businesses. We present basic services, tools and and resources that you might find helpful to boost your business.

A Logo at small price

On a budget? If you can’t pay a designer for a custom logo, we do not recommend to use an online application to create a fully “free” logo. We suggest to use an online application to create a logo at a small price.

There are at least two online services for logo creation that are easy to use for who is not IT aware and has no special knowledge of design.

With both services, the creation process online is free and includes a low-resolution web version of the logo. Low-resolution is convenient for web display. For printing offline (a business card, stationary, leaflet, poster...) you need a high-resolution image file. (links open in a second window)

Logomaker, an English speaking service

The high-resolution files cost $40 (checked 01/2017)
See www.logomaker.com

Logogenie, a French speaking service

The high-resolution files cost Euro 20 (checked 01/2017)
See www.logogenie.fr
This service also offers printing business cards and stationary.

Business card and Stationary

Creating and printing a business card, stationary and more implies either a print shop nearby or an online service. Many companies offer this service. We suggest this one below as we consider it a good deal between quality, price and effectiveness. It is a European print service presenting itself as eco-friendly:


They cover both EU countries and the United States.
See overnightprints.co.uk

Their FAQ discusses file specifications
See FAQs
Their glossary explains image resolution requirements
See Glossary Resolution.

Business Opportunities for Selling

To take advantage of business opportunities, find online sales leads, announce or bid and offer products for sale, or buy online, multiple services are at your disposal. Small businesses considering to buy or sell online will find the following resources useful.

Market Places

Doing an Internet search, one can see that there are many of these E-Market Places, covering multiple areas. There are so many of them that we prefer to suggest a unique source where you will be able to select by location, subject and area the market places that might fit your needs: Emarketservices.

Barter Platforms

We suggest two barter platforms that provide for international exchanges: U-Exchange

Social Media

Among the big ones, focusing on small businesses, let’s cite: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

How effective for you? Which networks to choose? It depends on your style of business, budget, team size. If you work alone or in a small team, available time and inclination are part of the answer. Facebook is mainly advertising-driven; Google+ is more community and collection-driven; Twitter can relay frequent tweets if your business has the substance to feed them.

Some social networks focus on small businesses. Let’s cite: cmypitch cpypitch services to support UK entrepreneurs and small businesses; upspring Upspring a us community and business directory. myopportunity MyOpportunity is a US networking community offering sales lead and job opportunities worldwide, offering free and paid profiles.

Their possible effectiveness depends on your geographical location, style of business and selling methods.


Advertising is another path. You can use ADs in two ways:

1. Through targeted ADs, to advertise your online business. Your ADs may use different channels: other websites, social media, search engines, networks of directories, targeted directories for instance.

2. To monetise spaces of your website to advertisers. You may consider selling spaces on your web pages to advertisers if you offer attractive content. Many networks compete, and a few of them focus on a given field of business.

Keyword Tools

What people search?

When describing your products, services or expertise, discovering what people search using keyword research tools will help you get traffic to your website. For instance, let's say you just launched a traditional bakery "à la française". Shall you use French bread or French baguette or French bread recipe? Below, a few free tools:

  1. Moz keyword explorer: max two free queries per day.
  2. Keywords Everywhere free addons: free addons for Firefox and Chrome

Practical leads and resources briefly commented

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For sales leads, see Targetedl leads for selling:
Online Market Places
Online Barter Platforms
Social Media

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