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Multiple possibilities

The wide variety of products and services offered allow to chose the features that best fit the e-commerce needs. A good understanding of the choice rationale helps look into such a large range of possibilities. Save technical differences between similar offers, differences exists between competitors.

Any e-commerce solution might be good, provided it results from needs analysis and content strategy. Shall we neglect to do so, we could omit important targets and issues, perhaps key to decide the needed features.

E-commerce offer

E-commerce solutions rely on a development language, such as PHP, Perl or Python. The website host must support the language supporting the solution. Various open-source also offer a hosted solution. The e-Commerce offer includes: shopping carts, hosted shopping carts, hosted solutions for a given industry. We present a few e-commerce solutions in 'Ready-Made e-Commerce'.

Digital products solutions

Digital products solutions offer payment and delivery services, with or without shopping cart, hosted or integrated. Among them, we further comment in 'Selling Intangibles' a few interesting ones: GetDPD, SimpleGoods, Gumroad, Selz, Fetchapp, Digital Goods.

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Venn diagram: Shopping Cart, Hosted Solution, Custom Functions

Shopping carts

'Shopping carts' consist of software ready to install, of which many open-source. Let's call them ready-made e-commerce: we further comment the following solutions: Magento, CubeCart, OpenCart, SpreeCommerce, LFS and OscarCommerce. See Selling online for synthetic information.

Hosted shopping carts

Also presented as 'Online store builders', hosted shopping carts offer full features solutions. Among them, let's cite: Goodsie, Jumpseller, Volusion, Shopify, Actinic, BigCommerce, Freewebstore, Miiduu and more. There are also many hosted solutions that are specific to a given industry.

Custom solutions

Custom developed functions, as well as Integrated custom e-Business solutions. If not the easiest way, it may be the best choice to precisely address the needs and market targets. We consider custom e-business solutions in Business as a whole.

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