Fotoflexer is an advanced, free to use, online digital photo editor. Fotoflexer associates powerful functions with outstanding simplicity and ease of use !

What is Photoflexer?

The novice just like the seasoned designer will find it useful. Fotoflexer is free to use. The online interface exists in more than twenty languages. Fotoflexer offfers a neat user interface with easy to use, basic and less basic choices: Crop, copy region, resize, rotate, flip, adjust, contrast and collage. Many refined processing functions and sophisticated effects are available, including animations and more.

For the novice

Fotoflexer offers a single interface with a two-level menu. The level one menu has six functions. 'Basic' Effects: Decorate Animations Beautify Distort Layers Geek. The 'Basic' menu offers a set of ten choices: Auto fix Fix red eye Crop Copy region Resize Rotate Flip Adjust Contrast EZ collage. When you clicks on a choice, the new task is available in the same screen (except for EZ collage). When doing a task, an undo and redo button appears on the left. It is possible to undo successive actions in the same sequence.

Powerful yet easy

EZ collage function in the 'Basic' menu is for associating multiple images in one. It offers various compositions. Functions that perform independently permit to save on your going work on your computer before to continue. 'Effects' offer a wealth of preconfigured and customisable effects. 'Decorate' gives access to sophisticated yet simple to use design functions: Text, erase, fill, colour, border and more. 'Animations' makes it easy to include animated stickers in an image. 'Beautify' is a group of choices for smoothing, sharpening and fixing an image. 'Layers' offers advanced functions such as Add image, Select part or all, Duplicate, Opacity, Push back/forward, Group, Merge. 'Geek' is a group of "smart" options: resize, recolour, resize, scissors, curves, morph and camera

For developers

Fotoflexer also offers an open API to developers.

To give it a try

Click the link to use Fotoflexer online (second window).


Arbor Labs, a team of graduate students and alumni from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, University of California at Berkeley (and just one MIT/Stanford alum too) founded FotoFlexer.

A team of experienced engineers, software and web developers maintains Fotoflexer.

For who is not familiar with image & photo manipulation concepts, this easy online set of tools will let you resize, beautify, correct a photo, combine multiple images and more...

Fotoflexer User Interface - Review by i.S.k.i.v. Ltd


The novice might find useful the following glossaries to better understand the goal of each function. They display in a second window:
1. Common Image Editing Terminology, published by Webopedia
2. A Glossary of Image Processing Terms, published by Jeffrey Morgan .

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