Ready-Made e-commerce

Among the many e-commerce solutions, what we call ready-made e-commerce consist of 'shopping cart' software, offering shopping functions for displaying, selecting and buying products. They cover the checkout and connection to a payment platform. We comment: Magento, CubeCart, OpenCart, SpreeCommerce, LFS and Oscar Commerce.

Choice rationale

We primarily care for performance, speed, security features, connectivity, environment needed, cost, and eventual limits. We consider: the extent of customisation available and methods offered; SEO-readiness (quoted: -, = , +, ++, financial and accounting functions, the languages offered.


Owners and developers of all sizes of websites widely adopted Magento. Developed in PHP for Linux operating system, Magento offers: modularity and pre-configured settings that make its configuration easy; support for a huge array of languages; multiple editions making it suitable for all size of businesses. Multiple extensions available, of which inventory management. On the other hand, SEO-readiness and performance =. To learn more: (second window)

Cube Cart

Developed in PHP for Linux or Unix OS, Cube Cart is an open-source project. It offers good security and a wide array of features. The features include multi-currency, import and export functions, stock control and multilingual (editable languages). Performance is good, we quote SEO-readiness =. Cube Cart also offers a hosted solution. For more information, see

Open Cart

Developed in PHP (Apache server preferred), Open Cart is an open-source project. Multicurrency and multi-languages, Open Cart is also multi-store. It offers a wide array of features, good management features and business to business functions. Easily customisable. Performance and SEO-readiness + . To learn more, see

Spree Commerce

Built on Ruby on Rail, Spree Commerce is an open-source project. Spree Commerce offers a good security and a high-level of customisation. It offers sophisticated visual functions, an API and the possibility to sell on subscription. Performance and SEO ++


Developed in Python, LFS uses Django framework and JQuery. It accepts PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite or Oracle as RDBMS. Open source project, LFS is Secure and dazzling fast, LFS offers excellent performance. Customisable and extensible. For more information, see

Oscar Commerce

Developed in Python, Oscar is an open-source e-commerce framework for Django. Oscar offers a lot of flexibility and customisation; it is an extensible core to develop large projects: it supports 15 million products, complex order processing, digital products, pricing provided by an external service, multiple Payment sources, SAP web services, sophisticated access control rules and more. Performance is excellent. Not much time spent on SEO. However, it's a framework that is a core to build upon.

Open-source software offer a wide array of choices. They provide excellent features and performance. As these software rely on different languages, they imply different hosting environment. Hosted solutions offer interesting alternatives.

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