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Information strategies Key Intangible Value Limited (i.S.k.i.v. Ltd) owns the property rights on its websites’ static and animated content, unless stated otherwise (see Credits).


Static and animated content (1), comments, names, trademarks, source code (2) are original work protected by the copyright law comments, names, trademarks, source code are property of, unless stated otherwise (see Credits below).
Reproducing sensible parts of our content and technical comments has our agreement, provided you mention the source, date and link to the original page. Nevertheless, we keep the right to ask withdrawing it.
We cannot allow to reproduce third parties’ content that we possibly quote from other websites or authors; such eventual authorisation is to get from the website's owners concerned.
Note 1. Include among other forms of expression: images, sounds, video, illustrations, animated sequences, artworks.
Note 2. Include among other programmatic work: server-side and client-side programs and applications, page code, scripts and stylesheets.

Limit of liability

We take great care of the quality of our content. Nevertheless, we cannot bear the responsibility of the use a person or organisation makes of the information we publish. Nor we bear the responsibility of maintaining the websites’ content we quote or other websites possibly linking to us.

Third parties rights

All original content, comments, names, trademarks, registered trademark and copyrights used or cited at our websites for product, services or programs or other works are the property of their respective owners.
Linux is a trademark registered by Linus Torvalds.
Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Miva is a registered trademark of Miva Corporation, a Company.
PHP is a Copyright of the PHP Group.
Python has the following copyrights:
Copyright © 2001-2016 Python Software Foundation. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2000 All rights reserved.
Copyright © 1995-2000 Corporation for National Research Initiatives. All rights reserved. Copyright © 1991-1995 Stichting Mathematisch Centrum. All rights reserved.


As far as possible, we cite all authors and publishers when referring to their work or publications.
As far as possible, we give a link to the original source in our comment or citation.

Our 'Minimal' script is a fork by Irene Silberstein of Matt Hedgecoe script (c) 2002, as Featured on JavaScript Kit

Unless otherwise specified, all of our images are copyrighted Rachel ME Hageman or Irene B. Silberstein

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