i.S.k.i.v. Ltd experience

We gained our experience with small businesses, large manufacturing entities, consultants and consulting bodies, publishing and services as well.


Multiple areas of work, the diversity and inter dependent nature of our achievements led to our expertise. Our expertise takes its roots at the crossroad between arts, information, publishing, technical worlds and Internet services. It opens on content, information research and information architecture. Dealing with complexity is part of our know-how. We learned that a bright early analysis leads to the most interesting outcome.


The worlds of fashion and fabrics, shoes and accessories. Cultural industries, art and antiques, and performing arts are familiar universes. At the opposite, engineering, telecommunication, software, Internet and education are also familiar universes. Because information and content are part of our experience, we do not fear to explore unknown client's worlds. Whatever the project objectives, there is a need for understanding data to reconstruct meaningful information.


We researched, designed and developed applications in the following uses cases:

  • The e-publishing chain
  • Online book selling
  • Services-rich business management application
  • Intranet and extranet
  • In-house market data modelling
  • Expertise modelling
  • Database architecture
  • Search functions design
  • Portals in a web environment
  • Cooperative networked environment for data sharing
  • Information prototyping
  • On demand content
  • Custom e-Business design
  • Creative marketing
  • E-Learning design
  • Websites design and development
  • Specifications for development drawn from content and user's needs
  • Needs analysis in various contexts
  • Content invention, creation and management
  • Creative marketing
  • Business-to-business

Our team is small, creative and responsive. Our experience combines a huge diversity of achievements.

Our experience is multiform and covers interrelated areas

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