Terms and conditions

For medium to large projects and research, we hold a telephone or video or on-site meeting with the client to agree on the specification and requirements. For low cost projects, on-site meetings might not be possible. A simple proposal and quotation may allow the client to issue a confirmation order.

Project's Estimate

Our proposals and quotations relies on the needs, constraints, and demands listed and the available information. We do our best to stay within the limits of our estimate. New demands, progressive needs or new information may appear during project completion, possibly leading to a variation of our estimate. In this case we hold a meeting with the Client to discuss the issue and agree on new conditions.

Project's Approval

For work to begin, the Client accepts the estimate, approves the work and receives an invoice for 33% to 50% of the estimated costs, VAT included for Europe. (For services and products sold online and prepaid, see below "Products and services sold online".) The Client's approval for work to begin is a contractual agreement between the client and i.S.k.i.v. Ltd. This agreement and advance payment mark the Client’s acceptance of the present terms and conditions, with eventual comments.

Project's Procedure

Provision of Material and Content:

The Client will provide all agreed written material, information and images before the work in need for it begins. If the client does not provide the material, content, answer to questions, the work might have to stop. In this case, the client shall remain liable for the work completed before the stop.

Starting the project:

On receiving payment of the first call for advance payment (or the full price in case of online payment), i.S.k.i.v. Ltd will start working on the project. Following the project, at various steps, i.S.k.i.v. Ltd will upload a mock-up, model, prototype or current development to a temporary space. This will allow the client to view the work in progress, provide comments and approve the work done.

Completion of the project:

At project end, in the form needed by the project, i.S.k.i.v. Ltd presents the work to the Client for acceptance. As needed we might agree on sensible change demands. Once the Client accepts the work, we will release the project for final upload, publishing or compilation.

Project's Payments

Advance payments:

The Client must settle advance payment within 7 days of our invoice. If we did not receive the advance payment, the project will need to stop and will need a new schedule (For services and products sold online and prepaid, see below "Products and services sold online").

Final invoice:

i.S.k.i.v. Ltd will issue the final invoice as soon as we launch, publish or compile the final release of the project, following its nature, except for services and products sold online that follow their own rules. On settlement of the final invoice, expected within the month following the date of invoice, the Client will start benefiting from our after-sale service for one year. If we do not receive the final payment, we might stop the delivery of our services or, for a website, the hosting and maintenance.

Travel Time and Expenses:

We do not count Travel time to and from the Client's site, except when mentioned. i.S.k.i.v. Ltd reserves the right to charge for travel time, travel and subsistence fees at a normal consulting rates for special work or training provide at the Client's site.


Should the Client wish to cancel during the project, the Client shall remain liable for the work completed before cancellation.

Project's Copyright

All material supplied by the Client shall remain the Client's property. We will assume this material belongs to the client and does not breach any copyright laws.

Any material, including new designs, applications and source code, created for the client by i.S.k.i.v. Ltd remains the property of i.S.k.i.v. Ltd, who agrees, on settlement of the final invoice, to grant a permanent user licence to the Client. i.S.k.i.v. Ltd and the Client share the property rights on design’s adaptation, content and animated content, including sounds and video, in proportion to the respective part brought to the project by each party. Third parties' rights (on logos, scores, literary, productions or others) remain their property. Client’s right on its own creations (productions, programs, workshops or others) remains its property.

Project's After-sale

Our after-sale service does not include, unless a specific subscription is ordered, the update of the website, portal or system’s content. When hosting the website, portal or system, the technical maintenance of the server is provided according to the conditions defined in the contract.

Prepaid Online Orders

Prepaid Online Orders means: the services, subscriptions, consulting, training or products ordered online and prepaid.

For such prepaid orders received online, we guarantee a successful conclusion and manage the payment as a client's account. This procedure allows to guarantee the Client’s rights, in conformity with our Policies, until the successful delivery of the service, subscription, consulting, training or product.

Subscription Cancellation

As a subscriber to any type of subscription relating to permanent services, research, consulting, training or software delivered online, by mail or by email, you may unsubscribe. To do so, you should use the Unsubscribe clause or function, provided that you give us one to three months advance notice, following the terms of the subscription.

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